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        Types of shot peening for core

        來源:www.taietel.com 發表時間:2019-07-04

        Pellet core is the necessary master batch for preparing skeleton pellets. It requires a round surface, uniform particle size, solid, heavy and low fragility, good solubility or wettability.

        cast steel shot

        Its hardness is generally 40 ~ 50HRC. When processing hard metals, the hardness can be increased to 57 ~ 62HRC. Cast steel shot has good toughness and is widely used. Its service life is several times that of cast iron shot.

        Cast iron shot

        Its hardness is 58 ~ 65HRC, brittle and easy to break. Short life, not widely used. It is mainly used in the occasion of high shot peening strength.

        Glass pills

        Hardness is lower than the former two. It is mainly used for stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, magnesium and other materials that do not allow iron pollution. It can also be used for second processing after shot peening to remove iron pollution and reduce surface roughness of parts.

        Ceramic pills

        The chemical composition of ceramic pellets is about 67% ZrO 2, 31% SiO 2 and 2% AlO 3, which are mainly inclusions. The hardness of ceramic pellets is equivalent to HRC 57-63 by melting, atomizing, drying, rounding and sieving. Its outstanding properties are higher density and hardness than glass. It was first used in the early 1980s to strengthen aircraft parts. Ceramic pellets have higher strength, longer life and lower price than glass pellets. They have been extended to surface strengthening of non-ferrous metals such as titanium alloys and aluminium alloys.

        Therefore, there are four categories of pellets: cast steel pellets, cast iron pellets, glass pellets and ceramic pellets.

        Glass pellets for shot peening and other glass pellets for other purposes are two different concepts. The biggest characteristic of shot-peening glass pellet is that its hardness is not less than 6-7 Mohs, and it has certain toughness, and the roundness is not less than 90%. The road reflective glass pills have no requirement for hardness. Ordinary glass can be used as raw materials, and the roundness requirement is the lowest of 75%.

        The two prices differ greatly, but the appearance is almost the same. If ordinary glass pellets are used for shot peening, it seems that the cost is lower, while the breakage rate is higher in shot peening, and the workpiece with higher processing intensity is almost broken once. By contrast, the total cost is increased a lot.


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