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        How to Identify Sucrose Pill Core

        來源:www.taietel.com 發表時間:2019-07-26

        Sucrose pellets are spherical pellets made of sucrose, starch and other excipients. According to the calculation of dried products, the amount of sucrose (C12H22O11) should be (+15%).


        (1) Take the appropriate amount of precipitation under the content determination, add 1 drop of iodine test solution, that is, blue-black, add water, shake well, and fade gradually after heating.

        (2) Take 1 ml of solution under the content determination item, dilute it to 20 ml with water, shake well, take 5 ml, add 12.5% copper sulfate solution (newly made) 0.15 ml and 8.5% sodium hydroxide solution (newly made) 2 ml, shake, clarify and show blue. After heating, the solution is still clear and the color does not disappear. Add 20% hydrochloric acid solution 4ml, boil for 1 minute, add 8.5% sodium hydroxide solution 4ml, and form orange-red precipitation.

        (3) Take 1 ml of the solution under the content determination, dilute it to 20 ml with water, shake it well, take 2 ml, add 3 ml of methanol, add 3:2 of methanol-water to dilute it to 20 ml, shake it well, and take the appropriate amount of sucrose reference material, add 3:2 of methanol-water to dissolve and dilute it to make the solution containing about 0.5 mg per ml as the reference solution. The appropriate amount of fructose, glucose, lactose and sucrose reference substance was weighed, dissolved in methanol-water (3:2) and diluted quantitatively to form a solution containing about 0.5 mg per ml as a system applicable solution. According to the TLC (General Principle 0502) test, the above three solutions were absorbed at 2 ml, respectively, on the high-performance silica gel G thin-layer plate (recommended Merck, or equivalent to its performance), with methanol-1,2-dichloroethane-glacial acetic acid-water (15:50:25:10) (water should be added precisely, if turbidity is found, it should be redeployed) as the developer. Remove, air-dry, and expand again (the developer needs to be reconstituted). Remove, air-dry, blow-dry under warm air, spray 0.5% thymol solution [take thymol 0.5g, add ethanol-sulfuric acid (95:5) 100ml to dissolve], heat at 130 C for 10 minutes, immediately inspect, system applicability solution chromatography should show four distinct spots. The color of the main spots in the sample solution chromatography is the same as that in the control solution chromatography.


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