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        How are pills made

        來源:www.taietel.com 發表時間:2019-07-29

        Do you know how to make pills? What is the specific process? What necessary accessories are needed? Now let's have a look.

        Generally there are rubbing pill method and pan-pill method.

        Rubbing pill method: drug + excipient pill strip wet pill pill quality control packaging

        Pan-pilling method: moulding pilling (screening) covering drying coating

        Moulding is the key operation in the pan-pilling method. There are three kinds of cover: dry powder, clear water and clear slurry. After cover, pills should be dried naturally in the ventilated place for 1 to 2H. (Honey pills, water pills, concentrated pills are dried below 80 degrees, pills containing aromatic volatile components or starch are dried below 60 degrees.)

        Commonly used accessories are:

        1. Adhesives: honey (tender honey, medium honey, old honey), paste or batter, beeswax, ointment or extract, liquid glucose

        2. Wetting agent: water, wine, vinegar, dilute medicine juice, sugar solution

        3. Absorbent: Starch, dextrin, a lot, calcium carbonate or something.

        4. Disintegrant: CMC, CMC-Na... Starch...


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