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        How to Choose Core Material

        來源:www.taietel.com 發表時間:2019-08-13

        Pellet core is the necessary master batch for preparing skeleton pellets. It requires a round surface, uniform particle size, solid, heavy and low fragility, good solubility or wettability.

        When choosing the core material, the following requirements can be consulted:

        1. The material should have no interaction with the drug and will not have any physical or chemical effects on the drug, which will lead to the decrease of the content, etc. For example, MCC can degrade the content of azole drugs.

        2. Does this material affect the curative effect?

        3. Does this material affect the quality inspection? If this kind of material is used, it will affect the determination of drug content or dissolution, and make the results increase or decrease.

        4. Considering the cost, if the raw materials have no effect on the blank core of many kinds of raw materials, the lowest cost varieties should be selected.


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