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        How to Evaluate the Quality of Pill Core

        來源:www.taietel.com 發表時間:2019-09-03

        Pellet core is the necessary master batch for preparing skeleton pellets. It requires a round surface, uniform particle size, solid, heavy and low fragility, good solubility or wettability.

        1. Measurement of pellet core size: The size of pellet core can be expressed by various parameters: particle size distribution, average diameter, geometric average diameter, average particle size and average particle length. At present, the sieving method is the most and simplest method to analyze the size of pellet core particles. For example, 20 g pellet core was screened for at least 3 minutes in standard screening and collected through a series of sieves (e.g. 1.12 mm; 0.90 mm; 0.7 mm; 0.60 mm; 0.425 mm).

        2. Roundness of pellet core: sphericity or roundness of pellet core is one of the important characteristics of pellet core, which reflects the quality of pellet core forming or pelleting. The roundness of the pellet core directly affects the deposition and formation of the membrane on the pellet surface, so it can affect the coating quality of the membrane-controlled pellets, and then affect the drug release characteristics of the membrane-controlled pellets. The pellet core with uniform size and shape, smooth surface and round shape is the best condition for preparing pellet core. At present, there are many methods to determine the roundness of pellet core. (1) The smaller the ratio of the maximum diameter to the minimum diameter, the better the roundness of the pellet; and (2) The one-plane-critical-stability (OPCS) of the pellet core is determined, i.e. a certain amount of pellets are placed on a plate, and the side of the plate is raised, and the inclined plane is measured before the pellet begins to roll. The smaller the angle formed with the horizontal plane, the higher the roundness of the pellet; 3. Determine the shape factor, measure the projection area and the periphery length of the pellet through the computer-aided imaging analysis method, calculate the shape factor, the larger the value, the greater the deviation of roundness; 4. Determine the angle of repose of the pellet, which is a pellet. Indirect representation of roundness. When a certain amount of pellets (e.g. 50g) falls from the funnel with a 1.25cm hole to a hard plane at a specified height, the stacking height (H) and radius (r), tan? = H/r, & Oslash are measured; that is, the angle of repose is small, indicating that the pellet has good fluidity and indirectly reflects the roundness of the pellet core.

        Thirdly, bulk density: take 100g pellets and slowly pour them into a measuring cylinder through a glass funnel. Measure the loose volume of pellets, and then calculate the bulk density of pellets.


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